“Because a reality wasn’t given to us and is not there; but we have to make it ourselves, if we want to be; and it will never be one for ever, but constant and infinitely changeable.”

Luigi Pirandello
One, No One and One Hundred Thousand.

A collection of non-mirrors – at the same time highly unusual, spectacular and yet minimalist – which leads the observer to reflect on the topic of identity within contemporary society, spurring them not to stop their search for the masks which overlap between ourselves and reality. Thus, the ancient and extremely important topic of the double is reinterpreted through the tools of design: what we really are and what others see of us.


— GENGÈ1 W123,5 x H173 x D4,8 cm
— GENGÈ2 W123,5 x H194 x D4,8 cm



Acrylic mirror, MDF, solid wood.



Matteo Vilardo
Marcello Marino


Open Project

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