LUMIA-Industrial essence

LUMIA – Modular Solution

ESA LUMIA is a new modular system that allows customers to choose among many electronic package solutions to attach to different display size.



Full aluminum body

Sizes: 10.1” – 15.6” – 21.5 – 27”

Multi touch technology

True flat glass capacitive touch screen

4+ customizable electronic packages

6+ customizable Keyboards


Designed for manufacturing, environmentally conscious.

The design was conceived giving a lot of importance to its final realization, which must be easy to perform, through the use of simple technologies and require a reduced number of steps. Furthermore, the choice to use aluminum as the only material is dictated by the desire to make these products more sustainable and longer lasting.

In this way, complexities related to molds and coupling of materials that were not born to coexist will be avoided.


Company: ESA S.p.A.

Field: Product engineering, Product design, Industrial Product

Partners: Marcello Marino, Generoso Annunziata


Open Project

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